Restorative justice for the girl child in post-conflict Rwanda

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Restorative justice for the girl child in post-conflict Rwanda

The hypothesis of this paper is that the sexual violence suffered by girl child during the genocide can be seen as emblematic of a general pattern of sexual discrimination in Rwandan society which was unleashed by the exacerbation of the ethnic conflict. The article studies the status of the girl child in international law and examines her status in Rwanda before and during the genocide, as well as in the transitional or post-conflict society she dwells in today. It also provides recommendations for her healing through a “childered” and gendered approach to recovery by establishing a restorative paradigm in terms of safety, remembrance, and reconnection.

  • Author
    Clara Chapdelaine Feliciati
  • Year of publication
  • Title of journal or book
    Campus Journals and Publications vol 7, Issue 4
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