Capacity Building

The aim of our capacity building programme is to bolster the environment for Rwandan researchers and to stimulate research that is relevant to policy and practice, and one that meets the international standards of research integrity. If you would like to participate in our capacity building programme contact us here and check the events section for more information on any upcoming event.


The Research, Policy and Higher Education Department supports knowledge sharing among researchers, practitioners and policy makers through organization of workshops and mentoring programmes. The workshops’ themes are customized to meet the needs of Rwandan researchers. Experts from different fields are invited and they engage the participants in intensive and pluralistic group discussions. Young researchers gain invaluable knowledge and skills from our pool of experienced researchers that are part of our mentoring programme.


The RPHE department has developed partnerships with higher learning institutions like the University of Rwanda among others to annually deliver a participative short course for researchers from Rwanda, the Region and the World. The course, which is accredited, covers the causes of and responses to genocide and other mass atrocities, in Rwanda and elsewhere in the world.

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