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Policy and practice on peacebuilding is most effective when it is rooted in a clear understanding of research and evidence. The Genocide Research Hub aims to contribute to building a knowledge society around genocide prevention and peacebuilding policy and practice in Rwanda. This hub was established in 2016 as a global knowledge exchange platform for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners, and is primarily focused on the Rwandan situation, placed in regional and global context.

“A knowledge society differs from an information society in that the former serves to transform information into resources that allow society to take effective action while the latter only creates and disseminates the raw data”.

Cristiano Castelfranchi (2007)

Aegis Trust

Aegis Trust is an international organisation that originated in the UK in 2000. Its mission is to work towards the prediction, prevention and ultimately the elimination of genocide for the benefit of humanity, primarily through research, education and the dissemination of information and advice.

In 2002, Aegis Trust was invited to work with Rwandan authorities to establish the Kigali Genocide Memorial which opened in 2004. Rwanda has remained the largest country involvement for Aegis Trust up to the present, although Aegis plans to bring the lessons and inspiration of Rwandan peacebuilding experiences to other countries in east and central Africa as part of its regional strategy. Click here to learn more on Aegis Trust.

Research, Policy & Higher Education

The Genocide Research Hub is run by the Research, Policy and Higher Education (RPHE) programme, part of Aegis Trust’s Genocide Research and Reconciliation programme which is funded by the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom.

The programme informs policy and practice on peacebuilding and genocide prevention in Rwanda with evidence, and it also supports the Rwandan research community as they provide and communicate this evidence. RPHE works in partnership with Rwandan researchers, policymakers and practitioners.

Genocide Research Hub

The hub contains a collection of quality research, policy briefs, a directory of actors, and a section on news relating to Rwanda peacebuilding-related events. Its policy and practice section is specifically designed for policymakers and practitioners and includes new publications, policies and events.

More broadly, the world news section keeps track of genocide and mass atrocities in Africa and around the world. A newsletter distributes high-quality information and news about policy-relevant research and events; please click here to register for our regular newsletter and join our community.

Call for quality research material

At the Genocide Research Hub, we encourage the submission of research, policy briefs, policy documents, audio visual materials and books for inclusion in our publicly available library of materials. Please click here to submit research materials. The material submitted for publication on the Genocide Research Hub undergoes a strict quality control process to ensure that selected content is of high academic quality. We welcome a variety of perspectives within the themes covered by this site.


RPHE Team:


  • Dr Phil Clark

    Research Advisor

  • Dr Nicola Palmer

    Research Advisor

  • Mr Jason Mosley

    Research Advisor

  • Dr Felix Ndahinda

    Research Advisor

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