The Genocide Research Hub aims to contribute to building a knowledge society around genocide prevention and peacebuilding policy and practice in Rwanda. This hub was established in 2016 as a global knowledge exchange platform for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners, and is primarily focused on the Rwandan situation, placed in regional and global context.



Call for Scholarship Applications

The Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences (PIASS) is pleased to announce availability of 2 full and 6 partial scholarships for well-motivated and competent Rwandan students who would like to pursue the 3-year Honors Bachelor’s degree in Peace-Building and Development. Currently, students from 10 countries are studying in this Bachelor’s degree programme whose main aim is to foster a regional network of peace-builders across national boundaries.

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Human Rights Cultures Workshop for Photographers and Writers

Kigali, 12-15 June 2019 (Wed-Sat) Application deadline: 12 May 2019 SCOPE How can photography and writing explore rights that are important to Rwandans today? What are the creative ways in which artists can engage with everyday issues relating to human rights through their work? And how can we imagine rights that are specifically Rwandan: that … Continued

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Wounds don’t heal; you just find coping mechanisms

The 1994 genocide against the Tutsis had devastating impacts including loss of approximately 1 million lives, destruction of economic and social infrastructure, Physical and psychological wounds and generally a social breakdown of social systems. These consequences entail intergenerational, psychosocial and psychological trauma that may exist for generations and also can contribute to future extreme violence. … Continued

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